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Award 40 JT Marche Verte 2016
lundi 8 août 2016
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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 Award Provisional 40 JT Marche Verte 2016
 Juge : Antonio Garofalo
 09 Aout 2016

This tournament, of excellent level, saw the participation of 49 H#2, by XXX Authors, that I received anonymously. It was not really easy to decide the ranking, particularly for the Prizes range : finally, in order to avoid further waste of time, I preferred to leave without ranking the Commendations, that in my opinion were more or less at the same level. As can be deduced, I don’t appreciate particularly the quantity, but I prefer the quality ; the rest, is naturally matter of personal taste. Now we go to my proposed award :

Particpants :

Abdurahmanovic Fadil:A27 ;Armeni Alberto:A26 ;Bidlen Anton:A17 ;Cioflanca Mihaiu:A7,A8,A15 ;Colaneri Bruno:A18 ;Csak János:A24 ;Elbaz Mohamed Jamal:A12,A14 ; Gershinsky Mikhaïl:A39* ;Gurgui Dan-Constantin :A6,A9 ;Gurov Valery:A45* ; Ivunin Alexeï :A38*,A40*,A41*,A42*,A43*,A44* ;Janevski Zivko:A46,A47 ; Jonsson Christer:A2,A3 ;Kapros Jorge :A21* ;Klemanic Emil:A36 ;Kraetschmer Ralf:A35 ; Krizhanivsky Vasil:A23 ;Labai Zoltán:A19,A20 ;Lois Jorge :A21* ;Medintsev Vitaly:A25* ; Milanovic Mihajlo:A48,A49 ;Milewski Stefan:A28 ;Muller Dieter:A29,A30,A31,A32 ; Navon Emanuel:A5* ;Neef Wilfried:A37 ;Nefyodov Vladislav:A34* ; Onkoud Abdelaziz:A1*,A4,A11,A13,A16,A45* ;Pankratiev Alexandre:A38*,A39*,A40*, A41*,A42*,A43*,A44* ;Prcic Mike:A1* ;Semenenko Alexandre:A25*,A34* ; Sizonenko Victor:A33 ;Spitsin Alexander : A22 ;Tritten Pierre:A10 et Witztum Menachem:A5* ;

Award final : 09/09/2016

Award 40 JT Marche Verte 2016