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Award George 2010-2011 & 2012
vendredi 2 mai 2014
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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"George-2010", "George-2011", "George 2012"

The competition is dedicated to St. George. This saint has become extremely popular since the days of early Christianity. He endured the torment in Nicomedia, and soon he began to read in Phoenicia, Palestine, and then throughout the East.

In Rome, in the VII century there were two churches in his honor, and he is worshiped in Gaul with the V century. George is the patron saint of soldiers, farmers (the name comes from the Greek George γεωργός - farmer) and herders, and in some places - travelers. In Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia believers come to him with prayers for rain.

In Georgia, for George to apply for protection from evil, for the gift of good luck on the hunt for a good harvest, and the offspring of cattle, for the healing of diseases, of motherhood.

In Western Europe, it is believed that the prayers of Saint George (George) help to get rid of poisonous snakes and contagious diseases. St. George is known Islamic peoples of Africa and the Middle East under the names Dzhirdzhis and al-Khadr.

To participate in an international competition open to all composers who have problems, published in this period. Offsetting is separate for each year. Among the co-authors of collective tasks submitted to the contest should not be judges of the contest. Assessment tasks on a 4-point scale with gradation 0,25 points. Judges and participants, whose task took 1-3 places, awarded commemorative medals, a model presented here.

At equal the sum of points for the problems - the winners, received from the three judges, the advantage is given a task that has a higher rating. Medals awarded only task-winning co-authors that have declared their participation in the "George-2010", "George-2011" and "George 2012". The tasks designed by the well-known standard, should be sent no later than V.Vinokurov May 15, 2013 Only E-mail :

- Section Helpmates (H # 2, H # 2,5-3, H> 3 ; miniatures : H # 2, H # 2,5-3, H> 3).
- Judges Forum : A.Onkoud (France), J. Lois (Argentina), Z.Gavrilovski (Macedonia)

- Section Twomovers (# 2, # 2 miniatures).
- Judges Forum : V.Chepizhny(Russia), A.Onkoud (France), V.Dyachuk (Ukraine)

- Section Threemovers (# 3, # 3 miniatures).
- Judges Forum : Ya.Rossomaho (Russia), V.Kopyl (Ukraine), Z.Labai(Clovakia)

Award George 2010 : 2#.

Award George 2010 : 3#.

Award George 2010 : h#.

Award George 2011 : 2#.

Award George 2011:3#.

Award George 2011:h#.

Award George 2012:2#.

Award George 2012 :3#.

Award George 2012 : h#.