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Award Preliminary 2° Maroc Echecs 2012 : Section h3,5-7 moves.
lundi 10 septembre 2012
par Kenneth Solja
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 Award Preliminary 2° Maroc Echecs 2012
 Section : h3,5-7 moves
 By Kenneth Solja
 Espoo, 8 Septembre 2012
 International Judge for Chess Compositions

Participants :

Christer JONSSON (1),Dieter MULLER (2,3),Anatoly STYOPOCHKIN (4),Daniel NOVOMESKY (5),Valery BARSUKOV (6,7),Milomir BABIC (8),Zlatko MIHAJLOSKI (9,10 ,1),Zoltán LABAI (12), Radomir NIKITOVIC (13),Krzysztof DRAZKOWSKI (14),Antonio GAROFALO (15*),Abdelaziz ONKOUD (15*),Ján KOVALIC (16),Alexandre PANKRATIEV (17*),Mikhaïl GERSHINSKY (17*), Fadil ABDURAHMANOVIC (18),Viktoras PALIULIONIS (19,20),Mihajlo MILANOVIC (21).

I was pleased when Abdelaziz Onkoud asked me to judge this tourney. I like to thank him for this.

I got from Mr. Onkoud 21 anonymous diagrams with solutions. I studied these helpmates carefully and find out that the quality of this tourney was very high. It was very difficult to say why some problems seem better to my eyes than others.

Perhaps the only good reason is that I like these problems more than others, but I also believe that the judge has a right to put his feelings and intuition to the award when we are talking equal problems of quality.

Kenneth Solja

So here is this award :

Award Preliminary 2° Maroc Echecs 2012
10 - Zlatko MIHAJLOSKI
2° Maroc Echecs 2012
1° Prix
Mat aidé en 6,5

White minimal with white and black Rehm. Black needs to be very accurate with his moves. In this single liner have much content.

1...Fc4 ! 2.Dg1 !(Dh1 ?) Rc3 3.Dg6 !(Dg5 ?) Rd4 4.Dh7 !(Dh6 ?) Rd5 5.Rg8 Re6 6.Dh8 Fd5 ! 7.Fh7 Re7‡


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