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Award 3° Maroc Echecs 2013 : section études
lundi 2 décembre 2013
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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 Award 3°Maroc Echecs 2013
 Section Study
 By Richard Becker

I received from Abdelaziz 17 studies without their composer’s names. From these I selected the five most artistic for inclusion in the award. Unfortunately, two of the five proved to be incorrect. [Kh2/Kc1], 12...b2 ! and Black wins. [Kh2/Ke8], 3.Kh3 hxg4+ 4.Kg3 g5 5.Kxg4 a5 6.Kf5 seems to be a dual win, but if not, the study is still eliminated due to anticipation by Kovalenko, 1st prize, Pacific Ocean Komsomolets Ty. 1987.

Some of the excluded studies had interesting points, but they do not appear in the award because they exhibited inartistic introductory play. These introductions contained a lot of analysis and many exchanges of material, but none of them were interesting or thematic.

I consider such introductions to be a violation of the fundamental principle of economy. In the other genres, composers agonize for weeks to find a way to eliminate a single pawn from their settings. Contrast this with studies, where some practitioners add many unnecessary units just to make their solutions longer.

Participants : Akobia Iuri (1*,8) Garcia .M.G (1*,4*,17) , Hlinka.M (2*) , Kekely.L (2*) , Skripnik (3) ,Krug.P (4*), Kovalenko.V (5,6) , Pallier.A (7,16), Arestov.P (9,10),Delobel.B (11,12), Shpakovsky.A (13,14) , Afek.Y (15*) and Minski.M. (15*).

15-Yochanan AFEK
3° Maroc Echecs 2013

The winning study is of the logical type. The Knight sacrifice 1.Nc6 ! changes the position so that later the skewer 5.Qa1+ can succeed. This is not a "modern thematic try" in the strictest sense, because there are two differences between the critical positions in the main line and in the thematic try ; namely, the presence of the white Knight on d8 and the shift in the position of the b-pawn. A requirement of a modern thematic try is that it has only a single, small difference compared with the main line. The logic in this study is more akin to what is sometimes seen in moremovers, in which a white unit moves from a remote square and is sacrificed to decoy a black unit. Such a sacrifice can be a weak expression of logic in a moremover if it feels like an afterthought, added in an effort to create one more layer of "foreplan". In this study, the sacrifice feels built in and organic to the theme. A second sacrifice on the fifth move, this time the Queen, helps lift the study to a good level of artistry.

1.Nc6 ! [ Thematic try 1.Qg8 ? h1Q 2.Qa2+ Kxc3 3.h8Q Qxh8 and now 4.Qa1+ ? loses to 4...Kc4 ! 5.Qxh8 Ra3 mate. Try 1.Qf8 ? h1Q 2.h8Q Qa1+ 3.Qa3 b5+ ! 4.Kb4 c5+ ! -+ ] 1...bxc6 2.Qg8 ! [ 2.Qf8 ? h1Q 3.h8Q Qd5 ! 4.Qh2+ Rd2 5.Qh7+ Rd3 6.Qf2+ Kxc3 7.Qe1+ Kc2 8.Qe2+ Kc3 = ] 2...h1 3.Qa2+ Kxc3 4.h8Q+ Rd4+ [ Now 4...Qxh8 5.Qa1+ Kc4 Qxh8 wins ] 5.Qc4+ ! Kxc4 6.Qxh1 Kc5+ 7.Ka5 ! Wins.

Award définitif le 27/02/2014

Award 3° Maroc Echecs 2013 : section études.


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