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Award Problemaz 2008 – helpmates in two
jeudi 3 septembre 2009
par Michal Dragoun
popularité : 1%

First, I would like to thank Abdelaziz Onkoud for inviting me as the judge of this tourney and for his perfect work in preparing problems for the judgement.

The quality of the tourney was not very high and after some thought I did not grant a prize. But I believe, that Problemaz as interesting and regularly published magazine attracts more good problems and known composers in the future.

I received 35 compositions from 29 authors and 14 countries. Here are some remarks to not awarded problems :
 269 : Heterogenous activation of existing black indirect half-battery.
 271 : Four various mates by Queen after her fourfold different unpin, but solutions lack more homogeneity.
 274 : There is different additional motivation for capture in B1 (unguard and anticipatory move from checking line) and I would appreciate function exchange between white pieces too.
 275 : Different motivation for white sacrifices (block of g4 and removing of black pawn from access to d3).
 356 : Allumwandlung in airy position, but without other enrichment.
 359 : Interferences of black lines by white pawn. Antidual tempo moves by white King could be in this content new, but the black play is not very interesting.
 361 : Unfortunately there is partly similar problem by P. Petkov (PDB 562209) with promotions in white Knight and Queen, but with more interesting first black moves.
 364 : Pin of black Queen is not necessary at all.
 450 : Analogy in captures of two pawns on d-file and line-closing of black Queen, but partly similar mechanism (capture of two pawns on the same file and interference) used even in three positions e. g. C. Goumondy (PDB 526806, 562543).

My ranking is as follows :

 1st Honourable Mention : Abdelaziz Onkoud (453) Two pairs of analogous solutions. In the first one two pins on d5 (with Holzhauseninterference) end with pin mates, in the second captures on e4 and d4 allow recapture in the final move. I like thematic use of some white moves in various stages of the solutions (Re6 and Qxb6 are used in both first and second move) but repeating of black King´s move is a flaw, which stopped me from giving a prize.

453 - Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Problemaz 2008
1st Honourable Mention
h‡2 (6+9) C+

 1.Td5 Cé2 2.R×é4 Té6‡
 1.Dd5 Cd2 2.R×d4 D×b6‡
 1.D×d4 D×b6 2.R×é4 D×d4‡
 1.T×é4 Té6 2.R×d4 T×é4‡

 2nd Honourable Mention : Dieter Müller (358) Interesting and not very often realized concept : two black moves exchange their functions (unpin + interference + part of Bristol manoeuvre, block and line opening for white Queen). Reciprocal Bristol manoeuvre B-B gives to this idea even suggestion of cyclic function exchange in first three halfmoves.

358 - Dieter MULLER
Problemaz 2008
2nd Honourable Mention
h‡2 b)Rd8->c1 (3+8) C+

 a)1.Fg8 Ff7 2.Fç7 Dé8‡
 b)1.d2 Fa2 2.Fb3 Db1‡

 3rd Honourable Mention : Francesco Simoni (366) Reciprocal function exchange between two pairs of white pieces (including Zilahi theme) and between black Queen and Knight.

366 - Francesco SIMONI
Problemaz 2008
3rd Honourable Mention
h‡2 (7+8) C+

 1.C×b4 T×b4 2.Dé6 Cd3‡
 1.C×f2 F×f2 2.Cé6 Cd3‡

 4th Honourable Mention : Abdelaziz Onkoud (449) Again reciprocal function exchange of two pairs of white pieces, ending in light setting in pinmates from the same square.

449 - Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Problemaz 2008
4th Honourable Mention
h‡2 b)pd5<->Pe5 (6+5) C+

 a)1.Cç4 Th4+ 2.R×d5 Td6‡
 b)1.Cf5 Fb1+ 2.R×é5 Fd6‡

 5th Honourable Mention : Torsten Linss + Dieter Müller (367) :

Three pairs of reciprocal captures in duplex form. One of authors already published problem with this content (D. Müller, 5. Prize Grappa TT Wageningen 2006), but motivation and King´s moves here are different.

367 - Torsten LINSS & Dieter MULLER
Problemaz 2008
5th Honourable Mention
h‡2 duplex (7+9) C+

 1.T×é4 F×d1 2.Ré3 C×g4‡
 1.T×é5 F×a4+ 2.Rd5 C×f6‡

 1st Commendation : Alberto Armeni + Abdelaziz Onkoud (454) :

Five blocks of the same square are combined with five different mates by white Bishop. Usually is in such tasks white Knight used as a mating unit. With Bishop there is even a sixfold realisation (PDB 505728), but there is one black piece used for block three times.

Problemaz 2008
1st Commendation
h‡2 (6+9) C+

 1.g×f5 F×f7 2.f4 Fh5‡
 1.é×f5 Fd7 2.f4 Fg4‡
 1.Td4 Fa4 2.Tf4 Fd1‡
 1.T×ç4 Fb5 2.Tf4 Fé2‡
 1.Fé4 Fç6 2.Cf4 F×é4‡

 2nd Commendation : Christer Jonsson (365)

Anticipatory unguard by capture of white piece and cyclic function exchange between three white units. However, twinning is not good.

365 - Christer JONSSON
Problemaz 2008
2nd Commendation
h‡2 b)Pg7->d7 (7+8) C+

a)1.C×f8 Td7+ 2.Rç5 Cd3‡ b)1.C×é7 Cç6+ 2.Ré3 Fh6‡

 3rd Commendation : Francesco Simoni (368)

Double-pinmates using for each pin two different lines.

368 - Francesco SIMONI
Problemaz 2008
3rd Commendation
h‡2 (8+10) C+

 1.Ff5 Fb2 2.Rf6 Cg4‡
 1.Dç5 Td1 2.Rd6 Cç4‡

 4th Commendation : Abdelaziz Onkoud (456)

Alternate pin and capture of two black Rooks followed by unpin of white Queen.

456 - Abdelaziz ONKOUD
Problemaz 2008
4th Commendation
h‡2 (9+11) C+

 1.R×ç4 T×ç6 2.Dd4 Db3‡
 1.R×ç5 F×d3 2.Dd5 Db6‡

 5th Commendation : Christer Jonsson (270)

Two echoed mates with sacrifices of white Queen and play of battery B-S.

270 - Christer JONSSON
Problemaz 2008
5th Commendation
h‡2 (7+5) C+

 1.Ff6 Dé5+ 2.R×é5 Cç6‡
 1.Rç5 Dd4+ 2.R×d4 Cf5‡

 Michal Dragoun
 Prague, August 2009

 International Master 2008
 International judge 2008
 International Solving Master 2003
 World Championship in composing for individuals 2004-2006 Fairies


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