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Award Problemaz 2007 : Mats en n coups.
samedi 12 juillet 2008
par Abdelaziz Onkoud
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Jugement Problemaz 2007 (n-coups)

Par Piet le Grand

There are 21 participating problems. The quality of the problems is low. One can find the last time in all magazines many problems without a thematic content. In fact in these problems there is not more to see than that the black king is mated in many cases even at the edge of the board. Perhaps this may have some interest for solvers, but from the viewpoint of composition it has no value. Hence I have given only a small number of distinguishes. The sequence of Knightpromotions in no 15 and the staircase with both kings in no 16 are verywell known. For that reason I cannot give a distinction to these problems. I come to the following result :

Prix : Evgeni Board/Arieh Grinblat (No 114) This is the only problem in which a serious effort is done to bring an interesting thematic content. White and black give the white king the possibility to shutoff the battery. Third moves of the threat become second moves in the variations. The matedual in the threat is not very nice but a consequence of the idea. The same is valid for the fact that the third move in both thematic variations is the same.

Mat en 3 coups

Mention d’honneur : Nikola Veliky (No 11) There are 6 obstructions. Four of these obstructions are done by the Bishop. However the play is rather simple but the dualavoidance after 1... g2 ad 1... Fg2 is good.

Mat en 3 coups

Recommende : Steven Dowd/Joaquim Crusats (No 120) Two good Knight-promotions. 1.C2a4 ? b4 ! is a good try.

Mat en 5 coups


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